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Are You Afraid to Dump Those Awful-But-Lucrative Clients & Customers?

Are you the kind of artist/entrepreneur who is afraid to dump awful-but established, awful-but-lucrative clients and customers because of what the fallout could be? Like losing income? Making an enemy? Being judged? Crashing your business? For people who just want to do what they want to do in the world and make a good living doing it, the fears are real. On the one hand, I’m actually making some money by selling my goods and services to willing buyers. Proof of concept! Success! On the other hand, I don’t like the willing buyers. They’re largely not my kind of people, they make inappropriate demands, and they don’t seem to really value or appreciate my work in a way that feels good to me.

But conscious entrepreneurship means being tuned into and guided by our feelings, not disregarding or ignoring them — for good reason.

What to do? Many things! But first, listen to inspiration. How do you feel? Undervalued? Resentful? Disappointed? Stressed? Afraid? Angry? Hurt? Frustrated? Every one of us has an absolute right to anything we feel, ever. But conscious entrepreneurship means being tuned in to and guided by our feelings, not disregarding or ignoring them — for good reason. Anyone who repeatedly feels these kinds of feelings is limiting their success anyway because of the feelings. That’s because everything is energy. Success and wealth and happiness and joy simply vibrate in a different place than those other feelings. The law of attraction is always on, like feelings attract like feelings, so that’s a whole lot to be conscious of right there. You’re welcome.

Second, when it comes to the law of attraction and engaging it on purpose with shiny, clear intentions (they matter), an interesting rub emerges. We cannot intend for other people so I cannot intend for you to come to Spiritual Workout and, once engaged, walk away thinking it was the most down-to-earth, practical, real-world solution you’ve ever received for the issue you presented. I sure hope that happens. It’s my greatest wish that it happens. But I have zero control over that. What I do have control over — from an intention standpoint — is making sure I’m attracting customers who appreciate and find value in the work I do. Subscribers and readers who are motivated to change something in their lives, who are seeking new insights and perspectives, who are present and who participate. People who are eager and enthusiastic. People who want to problem-solve. That’s basically what my intention sounds like for the kinds of customers I want to have. Along the way, for sure, I took some scary leaps. I let go of some income. I fretted about whether or not I could really have what I wanted. Today my customers/subscribers/readers are the kinds of people I intended to attract.

It’s Spiritual Workout so it goes without saying that there’s always more. But for now it’s enough to realize that when we let go of the clients and customers we don’t want and cultivate — via intentions and whatever processes one has for creating and cultivating them — one day we wake up and all we have are clients and customers who make our hearts sing.



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