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This is all about you.

It's about what you want and need to get your Self back on track.

It's about gaining momentum toward an entirely new way of being.

It's about cultivating clarity, focus, and certainty.

It's about shifting your perspective.

It's about infusing your Soul with the medicine it craves.

"Steven is one of those unique individuals who, I believe, sees more than most healers. I found Steven during a tough time in my life, and working with him helped me to transform where I was (which was very challenging) and begin to create where I wanted to go. With his concepts at the forefront, together we focused on forgiveness, allowing, and renewal. The processes he taught me were well organized, easily applicable, and thorough. I will be forever grateful for his work and the dedication he had to mine."  - Kris K


What will be the focus of your retreat?

Of course, what you choose to focus upon -- and it may very well be more than one thing -- is entirely up to you.

That said, some possibilities may be:

     . your own personal rehab experience?

     . a crisis of some sort that's come out of nowhere and knocked you off your game?

     . something you're sick and tired of being sick and tired of?

     . something new and wonderful for your future?

     . a chronic health crisis you have been dealing with for far too long?

     . a serious new medical diagnosis?

     . a profound loss (e.g., the death of someone close, the loss of a job or career, a serious breakup)?  

     . relationship issues (e.g., getting out of one, getting into one, repairing one)?

Indeed, yes, personal retreats can be for couples, too.

Bottom-line, anything and everything is on the table.

"I find it remarkably easy to share a range of issues, concerns, ideas, and feelings with Steven, in good part because he brings a unique balance of serious and fun. He can be 110% supportive of my biggest dreams and desires while also chuckling at the human condition and reminding me with a twinkle that control is one tricky illusion. I’ve left every interaction with him feeling better about myself and about humanity—how wonderfully rare is that!" - Dwight W


How long will your retreat last?

Your Very Own Personal Retreat will last a minimum of three days/two nights and a maximum of 30 days.

Where will your fully-customized retreat take place?

You're invited to tend to your Self by immersing your Self in the place I call home -- and one in which I trust you, too, will feel at home: Idyllwild, California.


It's a two hour drive from San Diego and Orange County.

And a little more than two hours from Los Angeles.

It's one hour from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and other desert cities. 

Whatever it is, it's worth it.

The closest airport is PSP (Palm Springs International).

"After doing a weekend Spiritual Workout couple’s retreat with Steven, my partner and I came out with a genuine sense that we were able to create the relationship of our dreams. With Steven’s guidance and support, we became clear on what our intentions were with respect to our relationship, how many of our intentions were quite the same, and the underlying, non-serving beliefs that were getting in the way. An invaluable lesson: believing that every moment is new, giving us the power to renew our relationship free of resentment and baggage. We are extremely grateful to Steven for guiding (and championing) us through a very pivotal time in our relationship and would recommend anyone to work with Steven and the Spiritual Workout regardless of his/her relationship status."  - Delilah D


What will your retreat look like?

When we're together, in session, Your Very Own Personal Retreat will mostly look like a lot of sitting and talking.

       Likely at a quiet cabin/house; maybe in an office; maybe sometimes at a local café, if that feels right.

       Possibly there will be walking/hiking and talking.

       Probably a lot of note-taking -- on your part.

By design, much of your time will be on your own, processing the material, while perhaps:

       . soaking up peace, quiet, Nature

       . walking, hiking, biking

       . hanging at a coffee shop

       . reading, writing, journaling

       . dining in our out

       . shopping (limited)

       . doing yoga, meditation, massage


Who will be your guide?

That would be me,  Steven Morrison, M.A.  Hello.   

I'm a former psychotherapist and the creator of Spiritual Workout.  And with tens of thousands of hours of clinical mastery under my belt, I know for certain I can

       1) zero in on the root of the issue and

       2) show you exactly how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

(I'm also really good at helping you figure out the "where you want to be part," if needed.)

I'm obsessed.  I'm practiced.  I'm ready.  Are you?

Click over to About to learn more about me and Spiritual Workout.


What about accommodations?

Good question.  It is perhaps not quite that kind of retreat.  For sure the place, Idyllwild, by design, is very much a part of the experience of your retreat.  Clean air, enough trees that it's a national forest, some truly awesome granite, wildlife doing its thing, quiet, Nature holding and supporting you.  Absolutely.  Still, different strokes and all, there are several ways to go.  You'll tell me what you like and I'll point you in some precise directions.  Ultimately, with as much or as little guidance as you like, you'll create the accommodations that suit you best.

For now, consider that you'll find the right and perfect something in one of these general categories:



R U S T I C 


G R O U N D E D 

And, by the way, it's not over when it's over.

Conscious change and transformation hinge on momentum and time.  The retreat itself is largely about momentum.  To help with time and your ability to truly anchor your retreat work into your daily life experience, Your Very Own Personal Retreat will also include some post-retreat, continuing engagement.


Three steps to Your Very Own Personal Retreat:

INQUIRE.  I have done really good work with countless people over the course of 25 years and one thing is for sure:  it's not for everyone.  Nor is it for everyone to be able to afford the time and expense to luxuriate in one's own growth and development, which is what this experience is all about.  (Retreats start at $5K not including accommodations and meals.  If this is prohibitive, please consider Spiritual Workout Private Sessions.)  Retreats are for those who appreciate high-end, high-impact, unique experiences and I trust you to consider this before you submit your inquiry. 

TALK.  I want to fully understand and feel what is driving your interest in creating Your Very Own Personal Retreat right now.  Nothing matters more.  So let's talk it out, no charge, on FaceTime or Skype.  We'll interview one another, get all your questions answered, and within 24 hours of our conversation, I will present you with a formal proposal for Your Very Own Personal Retreat, inclusive of terms and conditions, fees and costs.  You'll be thrilled and raring to go.

ARRIVE.  In Idyllwild.  Ahhh.  Let the transformation begin.


"Spiritual Workout is like like yoga for the soul. It stretches you, working seldom used spiritual 'muscles.'  The practice relaxes and invigorates you at the same time. Steven is a master teacher, mentor and guide. He is authentic and gentle. The time I have spent with him has helped me to navigate smoothly through some pretty significant life changes. And, thanks to him, I not only believe I can have the life I dream of, I now have tools I need to make my life what exactly I want it to be. I have seen a lot of therapists over the years, but Steven Morrison is in a class of his own. No one has even come close to giving me as much insight and clarity in as short a time as he."  - Karen K

Inquire Now About Availabilities in 2024

It's time, yes?

I know that you were meant to be happy.  To feel whole and like yourself.  Or as I always say, like your Self.  And that's what this is all about.  Getting to know your Self:  who you really are, as a spiritual being who decided to be you.  That's where all the answers are.  That's where problems and challenges and uncertainties make sense.  This is an approach that puts it all together.  And because it's most certainly on purpose that you are reading this, perhaps this is your time.

Retreat Application
As of right now, which statement BEST describes you?
These are the concepts we will work with. Are there any that you are not sure of, or you're not sure you believe in, or you're not sure you understand? If so, please check as many as apply.


I appreciate your offering this information because of the time it will save us. To be clear, I will deal with you directly and nobody else will see the information you submit.

Your Very Own Personal Retreats start at $5K and go up from there and are not discounted. Per-night accommodations and meals, which we will discuss, are additional. By submitting this form, you acknowledge understanding of this.

With everything in order, I very much look forward to meeting and talking with you.

P E A C E ,


Thank you! I’ll be in touch.

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