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When people are ready to really dive into a tapping practice  —  typically because they want to learn tapping and/or they really want to make a change in their life — I often “prescribe” a regimen of a certain amount of tapping for a certain amount of time every day. Everyone’s different and everyone’s responsible for their own experiences, of course. All I can ever do is offer guidance and suggestions from a wellspring of personal and professional experience and good intuition.

Tapping is all about moving energy and that can look different for different ones of us at different times. So I like to “monitor” people who’ve taken deep dives, especially in the earliest days, to make sure they are processing whatever is showing up in as thorough and efficient a manner as possible. I am forever humbled by the trust that people put in me and I take it seriously.

I love when that happens because it’s evidence of the efficacy of tapping: dense, stagnant energy moves.

When I checked in with one such client recently, she told me of an old pattern of terror she had that was making itself known — and that she was not quite ready to deal with. She’s a strong person and, with the help of tapping, had already been moving and releasing volumes of energy, for weeks, around decades-old chronic illness and associated issues. Then, the terror. I asked if she’d rather process that piece with me, she said yes, and we did. She sailed through it and, thus, added heft to her in-process return to robust, vibrant physical health.

Tapping moves energy, which means tapping creates change. We just don’t always know what the change will bring! My practice is to follow the tapping wherever it takes us and, in this case, we followed it from one thread to another and another four or five different times during the session. I love when that happens because it’s evidence of the efficacy of tapping: dense, stagnant energy moves. I offer an E.F.T./“Tapping” clinic every week because I think virtually everyone can benefit from using this tonic-like tool in so many ways for so many issues and challenges. I encourage people to learn it and run with it. And, for sure, sometimes it’s nice to have a guide.

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